From the Editor

  • This website is the best way for me, Gayla Groom, with my particular skill set, to organize my own inquiries into the nature of being, on Earth and in the afterlife.

  • From there, it’s not that much harder to create the site so that anyone who wants access to my evolving categories of inquiry and information can explore and find if there’s value here for them.

  • Since I’m an editor — and I’ve learned over the years what actually communicates to people — I’ve put everything in bullet lists, with the important parts in red.

  • You’ll see quite a few red words on this site from scientist Rupert Sheldrake, but he is not affiliated with the site; it’s just that he really nails it when explaining these concepts.

  • I was convinced by Rupert speaking about near-death experiences, and how Christians get one kind of NDE and Hindus get another and — looking at it from the standpoint of the afterlife being a dream — posing the question of why the actual afterlife would be any different than an NDE. It likely would not. And NDEs are clearly influenced by the dead person’s consciousness, their expectations, their beliefs — just as are “ordinary” dreams. And how wild is it that so many religions believe that ordinary dreams are actually a nightly death? And then the actual fact that you can train your consciousness to influence your ordinary dreams, so doesn’t it seem likely that your consciousness can influence or determine where your afterlife dream starts and where it goes from there…?

  • So much to think about, and research, and so this site is growing all the time, as I ask myself questions and look for real answers — intriguing info that is not wishful b.s. or superstitious obfuscation — and share what I learn.

  • I hope you enjoy.